Failed Intelligence

The CIA is supposed to be one the best intelligence-gathering agency’s in the world.  Movie characters like James Bond 007 has relied on the CIA’s help to foil many evil plots against the world.  Everyone in the CIA is supposed to work together to make the U.S. a safe place to live.  One of the CIA’s most recent errors was they were the agency involved in gathering information on Iraq and their weapons program.  According to an article on CBC News Online entitled, “In-depth: Iraq, United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: report on pre-Iraq war intelligence,” it was the CIA’s groupthink that led to the failure.  By definition (according to Understanding Organizational Behavior by Nelson and Quick) groupthink is a “deterioration of mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment resulting from pressures within the group.”  Everyone in the group (the CIA, George W. Bush and his team, and the Iraqi informants) wanted the U.S. to invade Iraq, so they were blinded from using moral judgment and reality testing.  They interpreted “ambiguous evidence” as “conclusive evidence” and they were able to see this in hindsight.

I believe that it came down to following George W. Bush’s agenda.  He wanted information about WMD in Iraq, so the “group” gathered all they could and The W got what he wanted.  Without moral judgment they were unable to see the flaws in the intelligence and they may have pushed aside the intelligence that would have shown there were no signs of WMDs in Iraq.  They blamed it on the lack of “human intelligence” in Iraq, but it was the lack of intelligence in the oval office.


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