Commission Ommission

I have an incentive program at work that encourages the pit bosses to make guest tracking cards.  The marketing department attracts these guests to come back using promotional mailers and comps using the information from the tracking cards.  The incentive program awarded the pit bosses that signed up the most players and the most valuable players.  This encouraged the wrong behavior.  The pit bosses were not doing their job anymore and they were cheating by creating new accounts for people who already had an account.  It got so bad that one woman lost her job over it.  She was consistently beating everyone and she ruined it for everyone.  We still have to program, but it is not accurate like the previous and people do not trust it.

I just read a chapter from a book (What were they thinking? Unconventional Wisdom about Management by Jeffrey Pfeffer) entitled, “Sins of Commission, be careful what you pay for, you may get it,” and it was about financial incentive programs that companies use to motivate their employees to do their best.  This chapter goes into many examples stating why many incentive programs go wrong.  Incentive programs encourage cheating, lying and stealing.  Whether it is a garbage man intentionally forgetting to pick up trash on his route, a teacher giving his students the answers to the standardized test, a manager inflating his numbers to raise the price of the companies stock or a greedy pit boss who falsified information because she wanted to eat at the buffet 3 days a week.

Another position at my casino, that will remain nameless, has always been associated with a bonus or commission does not have it.  Just like many examples I have read before, these employees are encouraged to promote guest relations and guest loyalty and they are paid a competitive wage for their service.  The hotel and casino needs these players to come back and they use these employees to get those guests back on the property.  A lot of other casinos offer bonuses based on an employees players and it encourages sharking and betrayal.  At my casino everyone works together for a common goal, the hotel and casino, and not their wallets.


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  1. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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