Specialty Medical Chemicals

Carl Burke joined the Specialty Medical Chemicals’ team, as it’s new CEO and 4 months into his position he has to take a stand and get SMC’s sales to increase.  SMC has not grown like it has in the past and Carl is trying to figure out why.  They have to fire, hire, promote and expand.  Carl hired Laura Wells to evaluate everyone’s performance and performance capabilities and make suggestions for all.  The reports were finished and these are my suggestions.

  1. I believe the most important goal for SMC is to expand into the generic drug and biotech market.  The reason they had not done it before was because of product development and sales.  The sales people did not trust that product development team would come through and have their backs.  It ended up hurting SMC because the orders are sold and never filled.  The number one priority is to the customer and the customer needs to trust that salesmen and SMC will deliver.
  2. I believe the best to way to expand is to stick with their current organization chart and not use the suggested chart.  I believe a whole organizational flow chart will lower employee morale and increase turnover.
  3. The next thing they need to do is make sure the sales team and product development can deliver. Roger the VP of Sales may leave, but I want to give him more responsibility anyways.  I need Roger to tell Michael Everett the VP of product development what he needs from him, so his sales team can do their job.  Michael is going to have to fix his limitations.
  4. Michael is going to have a lot on his plate developing new products, so he will probably have to hire some more people.
  5. The CFO Roberta is going to have to work with Jack Francis the VP of Manufacturing and they are going to have to figure out if having two factories is going to be enough to produce all of the new products for the generic and biotech companies.  The company is doing well, but they need to be strategic in formulating a plan to accomplish these new goals.
  6. I am going to have to fire Craig Carlson because it sounds like he is just skating by.  I do not believe he has the capabilities to run the new marketing campaign that will come with the company’s new efforts.  They will need some new and innovative ideas and he might not be capable of bringing it.  I would like to promote from within, but it is probably not possible, so applications and interviews will be accepted from anyone who applies.
  7. I would like to fire David Rice the VP of Administration, but it sounds like everyone likes him.  It would not be good for company morale.  SMC has been great with retaining customers and keeping them happy, but they will need to improve customer service and personnel.

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