Screaming Bosses

I worked under and with a lady for 4 years and in those 4 years I was yelled at and had orders barked at me.  It wasn’t just me though.  She has yelled and looked down on her coworkers and sometimes-even customers ever since I knew her.  Our other boss at the time was also known for putting people down who were not as smart as he was or if they made him mad.  They are actually nice people though.  They are bullies though and people do like them because of it.   I like both of them personally, but I would never want to work with them again.  I do not agree with how they treat people.

The reason I brought them up was because I just read an article about two NFL coaches who also do not believe in yelling or putting down their players, Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith.  Coach Dungy and Coach Smith had a lot of press in 2007 because they were the first African Americans to coach and win in the 2007 Super Bowl.  They use their intelligence, morals and a lot of hard work to inspire and push their players, not threats and screaming.

When I was promoted to 3 years ago, I was told not to be a supervisor like that lady and not to be a manager like my boss.  I took their suggestions seriously and I have doing my best to do so.  I am sorry to say, I slipped one day and yelled at a lady and I felt horrible.  I apologized and I have not done it since.


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