Jesica’s Story

I just read an article from the U.S. News & World Report called, “Jesica’s Story, One mistake didn’t kill her—the organ donor system was fatally flawed.”  It is a sad story about a young Mexican girl who had a failing heart and lungs who ended up dying following a heart and lung transplant.  As it says in the title of the article, it wasn’t just the transplant that killed her it was the organ donor system.  In the medical field there are a lot of precautions that go into daily operations and if they are not followed people can die.  The organ donor system is one of those fields that can truly save lives when done correctly.

This might sound a little cruel, but something good came out of this horrible story, the organ donor system was immediately reformed.  A more efficient system of checks and balances were implemented to truly save lives and not lose them.

The good thing was that the system was fixed, but at what cost, multiple lives.  The publicity around this tragedy was huge and that was the motivation behind fixing the system.  Why were these brilliant doctors blinded?  The amount of malpractice suits in the U.S. is incredible.  The motivation to due their job correctly should have been there.  I could even blame this on the insurance companies for not fixing the problem.  The insurance companies just charged the doctors and hospitals more, when they should have looked into the problem themselves.  They do not make money by paying out malpractice suits.

The internal and external motivation was there, but nothing was ever done.


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