Healthy Options

I just got home from the gym and I had a very good workout.  My friend and I have been working out together for 4 months and we have seen a great deal of progress.  I am a former personal trainer and he listens to everything I say and believes in my method.  Our main goal is improving our health for our future by using strength and conditioning now.

Today at the gym I was thinking about an article I read from the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Get Healthy-Or Else, inside one company’s all-out attack on medical costs.”  The article is about one company’s, Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., struggle to lower its health care costs.  Scotts is taking action against unhealthy choices.  They banned smoking and they made the unhealthy employees see their doctor and if they were considered unhealthy and they did nothing about it, they had to pay the additional costs that the company had to pay on their behalf.

Scotts gives their employees every opportunity to turn their lives around and get healthy.  They built a fitness facility across the street and employed the facility with a doctor, nurses, dieticians, life coaches and personal trainers.  They even gave the employees prizes for making healthy decisions.

I thought this was a great article and I agree with Scotts’ CEO Hagedorn.  I am biased because I am a former personal trainer and I believe everyone can improve his or her health and fitness.  This is a very sensitive subject though.  Everyone refers to this type of system as a “Big Brother” approach and why should Scotts be able to fire someone for smoking.  Everyone should have the same opportunity to work and provide for his or her family.  But companies should also have to the right to provide the best they can for their employees.  Unhealthy people can cost the company a lot of money and that effects all the employees.


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