Teaching Smart People To Learn

Teaching Smart People How To Learn

When you think about executives, managers, and professionals, that last thing that came to my mind was that had trouble learning.  What sticks out about this article is how they perceive themselves and their attitudes.  In my organizational behavior class my teacher, Dr. Bret L. Simmons pointed out to us in class what they say is not always what they do.  They espouse certain values to their coworkers and subordinates and they do something else.

Another big factor is their problem solving using single loops.  Single loop problems are often incremental and quick fixes that often end up coming back.  I fix problems at work all the time and they are often always the same.  Using a double loop, you have to restructure and make a change.  A double loop change is serious and should be taken seriously by every one in the organization.

The last major point of this article is using communication effectively.  Do not get defensive and do not blame others for your mistakes and failures.  Try to learn from your mistakes.  The last thing is do not be afraid to speak your mind.  You should be able to tell your boss what you are thinking with out a fear of persecution.  It is like what Bret L. Simmons says, if they shut you up, leave.  They do not deserve to have you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bret L. Simmons for the class tonight.  I learned a lot tonight and some of it is in this blog I posted tonight.


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