Extra Readings for Chapter 1

The Top Business Schools by Ronald Alsop

This article was very informative to me.  Everything I have heard about business school so far is network, network, network, and now here is something that I really believe will help me.  I have always relied on my hard skills to get through school and work.  People at work know I can breeze through the work, and they know when it comes to the soft skills I have a lot to learn.

I work in the casino industry and my position gives me valuable communication and leadership experience.  I work with the most diverse group of people you can find, and I have guests who come from all over the world.  I have made it my personal mission to meet, greet and communicate with as many people as I can.

Writing and communication have always been my worst field of study and area of interest and now is the best time for me to learn them.  I now know that the University of Nevada’s MBA program has really been the right choice for me.

How to get hired by Ronald Alsop

This article was also very informative.  I now know how to prepare for a future with an MBA.  I now know what was unimportant to me is and should have been very important.  Writing, communication, and leadership were the 3 specialties that have been unimportant to me until 2 years ago.  In my undergrad I specialized in biology, chemistry and math while writing, communication and leadership were not taken seriously.  After graduating with a biology degree and working for the past 5 years, I finally see the importance of having good writing skills and having the ability to communicate and lead efficiently and effectively.

Another part of the article I enjoyed was the “Getting Along” section.  This is something I believe in and I try to practice everyday.  Whether it is saying “hi” to someone in the hallway at work, or saying “thank you” to the porter for emptying the trash cans.  In a resort casino there are thousands of employees and they are all important for the resort’s success.  “Getting Along” involves everyone and especially those that you have direct contact with on a daily basis.  I am a Pit Boss and one of my duties is to supervise the dealers and make sure the games are running smooth and solve problems that arise.  On a busy weekend there can be over 150 dealers on the property, so we have to a trusting relationship to solve problems effectively.

The final topic I will write about is “Letting the Flaws Show.”  Like a lot of people, I am afraid to fail.  At work, I mess up all the time and I learn from it and I move on.  There is a big difference though between messing up and failing.  I had a business fail about a year ago and I have been working on why it failed for about 3 months now and I believe the MBA program will help solve it.

Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business

As I was reading about the Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business (MCB), all I could think about is recruiting people I know to go there and that my kids are going to go there, if I ever have any.  It seems to me they are running their university like a business and it is working.   They use strategic planning, data analysis and they follow a “course toward excellence.”  They know the business world changes so they change with it.

From the sound of it, MCB is taking full advantage of the best way to teach and to learn using qualified instructors (professional depth) to teach small class sizes (high-touch) using the best and most current technology (wide-tech).  Their ability to use these three principles really is amazing.

Reading this article makes me feel good about the program I am in at the University of Nevada because at least one of my professors, Bret Simmons, is aware of what makes a business school great.  I look forward to working with him as well as the rest of my classmates who read this article.


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